The Trump Effect on a loaf of bread

Jul 04 2016 by Vogue Financial

A butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo and causes a tsunami in Hawaii. Anyone who has read the seminal book “The Chaos Theory” will recognise the cause and effect of …

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Brexit. What does it all mean?

Jun 29 2016 by Vogue Financial

Last Thursday the British people voted by a margin of 52% to 48% to leave the European Union. This surprised not only many in the political elite but also many …

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Investment Debt – Is it worth it?

May 26 2016 by Vogue Financial

Personal loans, shop cards, credit cards, mortgages the list goes on. In Australia more and more of us are being buried by debt. While the common choice may be to …

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How to structure property debt

May 19 2016 by Vogue Financial

Many millions of dollars are lost each year through ineffective debt structures as investors, focused on maximising returns through property vehicles, fail to take into account the costs of structuring …

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How to Manage your debt in 3 easy steps

May 12 2016 by Vogue Financial

Cut up Your Credit Cards: The first step to getting off the debt cycle is to cut up your credit card, this reduces the temptation. Don’t close your credit card …

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How to protect your family AND your business with insurance

Apr 14 2016 by Vogue Financial

When it comes to asset protection, we are focusing on two distinct assets in peoples’ lives. Family and Business. You need to protect both. We have some additional information below …

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