July changes you need to know about

Jul 04 2017 by Vogue Financial

July is full of changes There is a lot going on from July 1. A raft of changes is coming in across Government, energy suppliers, superannuation and strata schemes. There …

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All that glitters is gold

May 29 2017 by Vogue Financial

What is that makes gold such a desirable asset? Why does this one metal hold its value and continue to draw investors? And should it be part of your investment …

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Buying a car is a waste of money

May 29 2017 by Vogue Financial

– not the right car! Remember your parents trying to talk you out of buying car? They just saw an oily mess that will cost money, you saw freedom. Perspective …

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The 2017 Budget – What’s in it for you?

May 12 2017 by Vogue Financial

It can sometimes be difficult to get to the nitty gritty of how new Government budgets affect you and your family. We have reviewed the budget and have written the …

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Be the woman who decided to take charge

May 01 2017 by Vogue Financial

Warm up +  detox This is where you obtain your financial fitness base line. Collect your financial information – Payslips, Bills, Statements Complete a budget. There are heaps of online …

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