Can you afford your property even if the bank will lend you the money?

Jan 14 2016 by Paul Giordano

Buying a house will be the biggest purchase you will ever make and most likely be the largest debt you will ever have on your shoulders. That’s why it is …

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What Home Loan Mortgage Calculators Don’t Tell You

Dec 27 2015 by Paul Giordano

If you are thinking about buying a home you have probably been advised or at least heard of a home loan calculator. They are an easy way to help you …

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Borrowing Money on a Dual Income – Does it Matter?

Dec 17 2015 by Vogue Financial

Many couples these days will decide to take out a joint loan to purchase their first home together or get that much needed car. By harnessing the power of your …

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6 Steps to Improve My Borrowing Capacity for a Home Loan

Dec 07 2015 by Paul Giordano

We have previously discussed the variables and factors that are you used to calculate your borrowing capacity. Now lets have a look at ways you can improve your borrowing capacity …

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