Marie Vlahos

Finance Specialist

Marie is not your average mortgage broker. In fact Marie is not your average anything. Yes she is highly accomplished at helping people make great decisions about their mortgage needs, be it investor or owner occupied. Yes, she encourages her clients to look beyond the here and now and consider the best set-up for the longer term. However Marie is also on a mission.

Early on, Marie began educating herself on investing and found herself helping more and more people along the way. As a result, her passion has become her profession.

Throughout Marie’s journey, she came across dozens of women who for a variety of reasons had got to a point in their life where there was a knowledge gap when it came to building a strong financial future. Marie is now the founder of the network and Facebook group, Inspired by Women, a place where women can become better educated and find support, expertise and mentoring.

This is definitely not Marie’s exclusive domain and her business helps a diverse mix of men, women, singles and couples. If you’re looking for someone who is totally passionate about your future, contact Marie now.

FBAA 343826
Credit representative number 504508

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