Paul Giordano

B.Bus, DFS(FP), AFP® Managing Director & Principal Financial Adviser

Paul is an energetic and detail focussed leader who strives to improve the life of his clients, team and all of those around him. He is passionate about developing smart and innovative strategies tailored to his valued clients that enable them to make confident decisions with their money and live a life they love.

Paul understands that each individual or family unit has unique needs, motivations, goals and aspirations. He enjoys learning about his clients stories and gaining a deep understanding about who they are and what they want to achieve. He then uses a detail oriented approach to helping his clients understand their current position, where they want to be and what hurdles they can overcome to get there.

Paul is an advocate for strategic financial planning that encompasses all areas of a person’s financial life including; cash flow planning, investment planning, debt and leverage planning, personal risk planning, retirement planning and estate planning. “I am elated when I see my clients understand how each of these separate but intertwined elements of their financial life work together and the additional value that can be added when all of these areas are addressed with one another”. Paul encourages his clients to think big and plan well to truly live a life they will be proud of.

Paul is married to his best friend and wife Sahar and enjoys entertaining friends and family, snowboarding around the world, good food and delicious red wine, fast cars and day out at the football.

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